your team doesn't need more motivation. they need an answer to, "how will we navigate through these changes?"

and that's where allennials at work comes in.

Allennials at Work is a HR advisory firm helping enterprises strengthen their talent pipeline. Our focus is on helping you build rapport with top talents of diverse backgrounds, creating inclusive corporate culture, and continuing to establish your organization as an employer of choice among top talents.

Most solutions presented to you either don’t align with how the workplace is evolving, are ineffective in creating change, or are simply unfeasible for implementation. We bring you the best mix of innovative ideas, understanding of human psychology, and practical insights directly from the source.

How Allennials at Work came about...

Hi, I’m Clair, principal consultant and founder of Allennials at Work. For me to share how this all came about… I need to take you back in time a bit.

It’s the winter of 2016. I’m sitting in a restaurant with a few of my friends. It’s a table of early-mid 20 year old’s.

We’re chatting away about personal lives to catch up. Everyone in the table is in great entry-mid level positions. (Me, I’m still finishing up school while consulting part-time).  

A computer scientist. An engineer. A medical professional. A hospitality professional. A financial analyst. A sales representative.

Most of them are somewhat neutral about their employers. They can’t wait for their next vacation. They’re thinking of getting a new gig in a couple of years. 

But there’s one that really stands out from the pack from the way they talk about their work. The sales rep.

Is it that they’re working at a company that’s well-known? Nope. They’re working at a company that took a few seconds for people to recall.

Is it that they have the highest compensation and benefits out of everyone in the table? Not at all—their salary is commission only. Hours are unpredictable.

So then why are they the happiest one on the table? 

They love their organization in every way– what they do, their leaders, their role, their colleagues, development program. 

They’re the only one referencing conversations with their direct managers and company leaders. They’re close with their teams and colleagues. They’re fully invested in the company’s long term vision.

Everyone at the table is listening in awe, wishing that things were like that in their organization too. I’m 100% in agreement.

As I’m walking away after saying goodbye, there’s a lot of thoughts in my head about workplaces, leadership, and so on.

Then a thought pops up in my head.

At the end of the day, an employer-employee relationship is like every other relationship in life– a two way street that requires continuous effort.

Such a simple concept, but it’s not often practiced.

That’s when I realized that as long as I’m working in business consulting space, that’s what I’ll do– for my team, for my clients, and for any organizations that I have an opportunity to come across paths with.

fast forwarding to today...

That thought never left.

Every 3 AM messages asking for resume reviews, or advice on how to leave their 9 to 5, reminds me of this lesson.

Stories from our clients’ employees, talking about how they’re so grateful to have them as their employers, always makes my day. 

In fact, it’s what led me to specialize only on helping great employers be seen, recognized, and appreciated by great employees.

At Allennials at Work, with our proprietary DREAM company method, we help organizations better:  

  • Attract a diverse pool of qualified top talents up to twice as fast
  • Retain and engage your next generation of leaders to reduce turnover by up to 28%
  • Strengthening an inclusive + equitable culture for your top talents where differences are celebrated

But what we love even most is the ripple effect.

the ripple effect that we love

top talents:

Feeling appreciated at work, and excited about Monday mornings. Being more present with families without worrying for livelihood.

team allennials:

Great sense of fulfillment knowing our evil genius was used to change thousands of lives for good… No 3AM messages are a plus. 


Being able to delight even more customers with superior products and services, and creating more awesome jobs in the process.


Pride that they’re supporting organizations that are doing great things for the industry, customers, and for their employees (+ stronger trust)

it's a win-win for everyone.

and we'd love for you to be a part of this ripple effect. Press the "learn more" button to take a look at how we can partner together.

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