About Us

Fun fact: Allennials is a word that happened when we combined "-nials" and "all". It refers to all generations.

Your organization is AMAZING. But your younger employees don't see that.

A recent study from Dynamic Signal shared that more than 43% of millennial employees envision leaving their jobs within two years. 

To keep them, most companies will try to get their employees to stay by increasing their salaries, boosting up their benefits etc– just like they have for the past couple of decades. But most of them aren't aware that the tides have changed.

The tactics that used to work before don't work. So what can we do?

And further on... What should we do about helping your millennial and gen Z employees see how wonderful your organization is?

It all comes down to 3 steps:


Go Straight to the Source

Ask the source who understands youth talent. What makes them stay? Engage and advance in the organization?


Make Adjustments

Look at what your organization already provides. Learn what youth talent wants. Bridge that gap.


Continue to Nurture

Work with youth talent to ensure that their career goals are aligned to what the organization can offer.

But more often than not, things are easier said than done… Especially when you have no idea what to ask them in the first place and when what the organization has done to engage and retain your millennial employees so far (ex. salary increase, promotion etc) did not work.

That's where we come in.

Allennials at Work was founded by Clair Kim, millennial expert and influencer that's been featured in the Today Show, Forbes, Entrepreneur and more.

After consulting for over 250 different organizations of different sizes and growing a millennial influencer brand that ranked among the top 5% of online influencers, Clair founded Allennials at Work to help large corporations connect with their millennial employees to build a profitable workforce of ambitious forward-thinkers and action takers.

Her goal is simple: create a workplace that your employees will be bragging about during weekend brunch.

There are 2 different approaches.

When it comes to millennial employee retention, most firms either focus strictly on theoretical principles, or on groundbreaking ideas. This creates problems such as:

Ineffective strategies that aren't as effective for younger geneartions
Groundbreaking ideas are not feasible to implement due to policies etc
Letting go of the organization's strengths as an employer

We meet you in the middle ground by merging traditional human resources management principles with an in-depth understanding of what younger employees expect from their careers and their employers. 

Working with us means insights directly from the source, getting customized strategies based on your business’ vision and objectives and ensure that the strategies are directly aligned with what your employees want within the organization.

When your top millennial employees realize that what your organization can offer to them is exactly aligned with their future vision, the other opportunities to them becomes irrelevant. And when they realize that your organization is the best workplace for them, they become more likely to stay with the organization long term.

Let’s see how we can increase your millennial employees’ loyalty and make sure your millennial employees continue to consider your organization as a best workplace.