Imagine you could Imagine coming across your millennial employees' social media posts encouraging their friends to check out a new opening in your organization.

Not only would you be less worried about your employees dropping a "I quit" ball on their managers (and their managers coming to you being like "hi, we need to hire someone... AGAIN"). But prospective candidates start to consider your organization as their "dream organization" and start to watch for hiring notices like a hawk.

Turnover starts getting lower. Recruitment expenses start going down. Employee productivity skyrockets.

You'll also have easier time with succession planning and leadership development. Your organization will have a strong, dedicated, talent pool of young employees that can be developed into your future leaders.

And the leaders from other organizations are coming to you to ask, "what are you doing to your millennial and gen Z employees?! We've NEVER had any of our employees gushing about our company like that on social media".

There are a few challenges though.

All of this comes down to the fact that you have no idea what they're thinking (because there are no mind reading courses). But it shows up in these ways:


Your employees deciding they WANT to continue to stay at the organization (and not look at other organizations even out of curiosity)


Getting your millennials and gen Z excited about their job like they were on their very first day at your organization


Working with youth talent to ensure that their career goals are aligned to what the organization can offer

In hopes to remedy this, you consider asking your employees directly. But you don't get any other responses than "everything is great!". So you're back to square one.

(And your colleagues... The "brainstorming" process has been hitting the roadblock for quite sometime. Which doesn't help much either).

That's where we come in.

With training programs from Allennials at Work, you'll get insights straight from the source.

The curriculum is tailored for your department to equip your leaders with all the essentials they need to know to create a profitable + engaged workforce of action takers.

You get a perfect mix of what your millennial and gen Z employees want from their employers, and the actionable strategies that you can run with. Consider us mind readers for your younger employees 🙂

When you click the button, you'll be redirected to an intake form where you give us a crash course on what's going on in your organization. Then you get directed straight to the calendar of our principal consultant so that we can get straight into discussing the solutions. (We value your time too much to do otherwise!)