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Allennials at Work helps medium-large enterprises connect with their millennial and gen Z employees to build a profitable workforce of ambitious forward-thinkers and action takers. Allennials at Work was founded by Clair Kim, millennial expert and influencer that's been featured in the Today Show, Forbes, Entrepreneur and more.

When it comes to millennial employee retention, most firms either focus strictly on theoretical principles, or on groundbreaking ideas. This creates problems such as ineffective or unfeasible strategies, and letting go of organization's strengths as an employer. Allennials at Work meets you in the middle ground by merging traditional business principles with an in-depth understanding of what younger employees expect from their careers and their employers. 

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Clair Kim

Founder / Principal Consultant

Email: publicrelations(at)

Suggested Expert Topics:

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Millennials and Gen Z in Workforce

Example: What young talents want as employees, engaging and retaining them

Employer Branding

Example: Positioning company as a top choice amongst prospective candidates and employee experience, talent attraction

Future Of Work

Example: How job market will evolve due to younger generations, new workplace technology, how young generations will react to changes

Diversity + Inclusion

Example: Minority in workplace, women in leadership, LGBTQA+ friendly culture

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