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It’s a word that we created to encompass “all generations”. Credits to our advisor, Gregory, for this. 

Some of our lunch and learn’s for free for the public– and we do not make any sales pitches in that workshop. 

Here’s a few reasons why we do it.

  • To establish our dominance in the market: We believe that we have some of the best insights in the market. And we always have a lot of value to share. So we have no problem giving away some of our best stuff away. 

  • If it isn’t from us, you’ll get it somewhere else anyway: Information are everywhere… So we might as well be the ones to give them to you and make sure you have the quality information the first time. 

  • Accountability: One of our paid solutions is an on-demand training vault. And we want to make sure it’s constantly updated in a way where it fits the leaders’ needs. Offering some of these lunch and learn’s for free to the public gives us the accountability to crank out our best content.

  • Supporting Communities: Many organizations were severely affected by COVID-19, and they are still dealing with its effects. This is our way of showing support for the leaders in that situation.

We hope you and your team found a lot of value in the session! The recording will be available for a week before it gets taken down, and gets placed in our (paid) on-demand training vault.

100% yes. Check out our services page for more information!

Thank you for your trust and confidence in us as your potential next career chapter. Please check out our careers page for any opening’s. Each opportunity has varying application instructions so please be mindful of that.

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