collaboration requests: media

If your request is around pitching your organization for media platform’s we contribute to (or the ones we operate ourselves), this is the right place. 

If your collaboration request is around something else, please fill out the contact form by going to .

thank you for your interest!

We aren’t journalists or media professionals. However, we’re fortunate to be able to contribute to some of the best publications in the world, as well as operate some of our own platform’s to spotlight different expert insights. 

So we appreciate your interest in having your organization (or an organization you represent) featured on the platforms we are affiliated with.

Before you fill out the form below, please note the following: 

  • No profile / story based content: We’re proud to keep our contents be expertise and value driven. We’d like to continue to keep it that way.
  • For our Entrepreneur magazine column: We aren’t allowed to do any interview pieces nor mention / quote any external sources. So if you were looking to pitch your organization for Entrepreneur magazine mention, sorry!
  • For contributor column’s: Due to editorial guidelines, the likelihood is that we won’t be able to place any external links. As well, we cannot guarantee the article going through as the final decision is up to the editors.
  • Everything must be done virtually: We’re a fully remote and distributed organization, if this collaboration requires us to travel, we’ll have to decline. 

If everything sounds good to you, please keep reading.

step 1. ensure value fit

We want to make sure that the organizations we highlight with are aligned with our values. Here’s what’s ours:


We're a minority woman owned company that strongly believe in supporting under-represented communities (BIPOC, LGBTQA+, people with disabilities, immigrants, women in leadership etc).

social responsibility

We're a huge believer of corporate social responsibility. We love seeing businesses thrive financially. But we want to see the businesses in our network make a positive difference.

Customer + team

We love organizations that are customer-centric and team-centric. If your organization treats your employees and/or customers like numbers, we won't work.

step 2. ensure audience fit

All the content we produce at Allennials at Work, whether for our own platforms or as a contributor for other platforms, are suited for enterprise leaders whose focus is on building an inclusive culture + building a solid talent pipeline.

So please ensure that the topic you’re about to pitch to us is beneficial to them (as well as to your organization). 

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