Medium-large enterprises come to us to retain, engage and attract high performing early-mid level talents.

Allennials at Work is a consulting firm dedicated to helping high-growth organizations build a profitable workforce of ambitious forward-thinkers.

How we do this? We help you understand the next generation of leaders.

We've consulted for almost 250 organizations of all sizes. As well, we are millennial owned. So our insights come from a mix of our personal experience and our business expertise.

There are reputations such as "job hoppers" or "disengaged" that surround your early-mid level professionals. However, not many understand that they just have different needs.

We know exactly what your early-mid level professionals need to feel motivated, supported and fulfilled at work.

We can't wait to use that knowledge to show you that your younger employees are some of the most loyal employees you'll ever have.

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Whether for a workshop, presentation, lunch and learn or a keynote, we're ready to bring our strategic insights to help your audience better understand your early-mid level employees.

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Training + Consulting

Working with early-mid level talents present many challenges. Our custom solutions are designed to equip you with the best approach to significantly increase employee engagement.

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