Our Story and Vision

At Allennials at Work, we’ve come a long way since our founder, Clair Kim, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey as a freelancer/independent consultant in 2015.

Fast forwarding to today, we partner with high-growth enterprises, unlocking strategic growth opportunities that elevate their profitability while fostering a culture of inclusion.

Our mission is to redefine success in business by creating thriving workplaces that unite profit-driven strategies with talents of diverse backgrounds to achieve sustainable growth.

The DREAM Company Method™

The DREAM company method™ is a dynamic 5 pillar framework that drives strategic growth and operational efficiency while fostering inclusion for high-growth companies. 

The pillars (as you can see on this page) are: direction, retention, experience, acquisition, and management. 

Developed through extensive collaboration with over 300 organizations, including UOttawa, BIGO, LIKEE, ItsMeApp, the Parliament of Canada, and many others, the framework continues to evolve and adapt to the changing business landscape. 

What Makes Us Different

We’re not your typical management consulting firm. Our small but mighty team is driven by the values such as extreme ownership, inclusion, and continuous improvement. We don’t track hours. 

Our founder / CEO refuses to wear black suits (we tried. she came back with a pink one). We ask for memes / GIF’s as a part of our recruitment process. We bother MyAI with goofiest questions. We side-eye at 100 page written reports unless absolutely necessary.

And we do this all while staying results-focused– fueled by our love for innovative business strategies, getting things done, and people.

(Bubble tea, energy drinks, and coffee too but anyways…)

We’re proud of our journey so far and excited about continuing to pioneer the future of strategic growth in business landscape (with a DEI lens). See the ways we partner with organizations like yours to unlock strategic growth opportunities that elevate profitability while fostering a culture of inclusion. 

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