vendor requests

Looking to pitch your services / products (or any other solutions) to Allennials at Work? 

thank you for your interest!

Landing on any organization’s “dream customer / client list” is always great. Without the trust that we’ll be great clients for you (for whatever reason), we wouldn’t be there in the first place! So we appreciate your interest. 

Based on your extensive research about our organization, you probably already gathered that we’re a very particular bunch of evil geniuses with high expectations for how we want to go through the purchasing process. We also want to ensure the value fit.

With that being said, we figured that it’s best for everyone if we’re transparent on what we buy, where we are on buyer stage, and what kind of companies would be the best value-fit… That way there’s no question or guessing games. 

Please consider this page as the instructions on “how to pitch Allennials at Work… and get them as promising leads”. 

Without further ado, let’s get to it.

step 1. procurement focus

Please take a look at our procurement focus database to understand what kind of products / services / solutions that we’re interested in learning about.

If your solution is NOT labeled under “send us information!” or “send us proposals!”, please don’t send us your application.

step 2. ensure value fit

We want to make sure that the companies we support and buy from are aligned in terms of values + actively practicing it.


We're a minority woman owned company that strongly believe in supporting under-represented communities (BIPOC, LGBTQA+, people with disabilities, immigrants, women in leadership etc).

social responsibility

We're a huge believer of corporate social responsibility. We love seeing businesses thrive financially. But we want to see the businesses in our network make a positive difference.

Customer + team

We love organizations that are customer-centric and team-centric. If your organization treats your employees and/or customers like numbers, we won't work.

Only if your solution is listed under “if your solution is NOT labeled under “send us information!” and there is a value fit,  please submit the vendor application. You can download the application by clicking the button below. Submission details are included in the application package.

We look forward to learning more about your organization’s solutions.

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