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Thank you for your trust and confidence in our ability to bring value to your audience. Please read through the information on this page and let us know more about the media opportunity by filling out the form in this page.

not a right fit if...


pay-to-play appearance

If the opportunity involves a fee for “production / editing / logistics” etc, we’ll politely decline.


topics not listed above

Any topics that aren’t related to what’s listed under our “expert topics”, we won’t be the best fit.

(For this reason, we’ve declined all founder profile requests, or requests around entrepreneur journey).


in-person travel is required

Our team operates fully remotely.  Any opportunities that require travel won’t be a good fit.


"strings attached"

Any opportunities requiring promotion, or if there’s “in an exchange for appearance, we want Allennials to…”,  it won’t be a good fit. 


a lack of brand-value fit

We’re a minority woman owned company that stands for empowerment of under-represented communities (BIPOC, LGBTQA+, people with disabilities etc). If your platform doesn’t share the same message, we won’t be a good fit.


a lack of audience fit

Our content and insights are best suited for enterprise leaders whose focus is on building an inclusive culture + building a solid talent pipeline.

media request form

If everything above looks good to you, please fill out this form to tell us more about the media opportunity. Thank you for thinking of us!

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