we serve great workplaces in becoming even greater.

At Allennials at Work, our geniuses are used to help enterprise leaders to strengthen their talent pool, and to create an inclusive work culture for everyone.

We may not have a name recognition of Fortune 500 companies or 100 years of history. But the ripple effect of our work is just as powerful.

We're helping to create a world where top talents all around the world ENJOY going to their work.


We’re a minority woman-owned company with a small fully remote team spread across 3 different continents, with ambitious plans to turn that into all continents– including Antarctica (one day).

Our mission with our clients also translates to the vision that we have for the team. In making this happen, we place our core values at the forefront. See our values below:

Equity and Inclusion

We walk the talk: diversity and inclusion aren’t just buzzwords to us. We embrace different perspectives and strive for complete equity in all our endeavors.

People-First Approach

We know you’re capable and autonomous. We give you the freedom to let your awesome skills shine. We operate with flexibility and compassion.

Innovation and Adaptability

Remote work offers a powerful means to build workplaces with greater freedom, inclusivity, and sustainability. We continue to innovate and adapt to the best practices.



Work wherever-- whether by the beach, or in the living room-- and enjoy the immense potential for collaboration and connection. We forge a strong culture through today’s best virtual tools.


No more daily grind… we believe that people work best when they are able to balance all their needs and desires — and take a break when needed.


You’re never limited to a dead-end position or forced to jump through hoops. We ensure you continue to grow as a professional. Whether it's access to our training programs, or external trainings, you have a plenty of opportunities to learn.


We are a small team with infinite possibilities of how we can grow. Our intrapreneurship initiative will allow you to turn your visions into realities without the risk of entrepreneurship.


Our team is what helps to grow the organization, and we want to ensure that they're well compensated for it. We set our base salaries at least 15% above the market rate (based on the team member's location).


Unless you have meetings with the ones outside of the company, it's assumed that our videos stay off. We keep our dress codes casual, and channel that energy in getting the work done instead.


Student Positions:

Please note that due to the size of our organization, we accept 1-3 student placements at a time (high school and post-secondary combined). This is to ensure that every student we host has plenty of mentorship, supervision, and practical tasks available.

High School Co-op

Internship - Canada, Ontario
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