Drive Inclusion. Ignite Performance.

If you’ve recently heard from us out of the blue, you’re in the right place! This page is your guide to decide if starting a conversation with Team Allennials is the next step in your organization’s DEI journey.

About Us

Allennials at Work came a long way since our founder, Clair Kim, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey as a freelancer/independent consultant in 2015. Specializing in DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) since late 2019, we’ve built a small but mighty global remote team.

Along the way, we’ve served around 300 clients such as BIGO Technologies, Parliament of Canada, and UOttawa. Our insights were featured in Forbes, the Today Show, MSN, Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Insider, HuffPost, and more.

Passionate about building high-performing workplaces that are people centric (#TheAnswerIsBoth), we use our proprietary framework (the DREAM company method™️) in delivering innovative solutions for our clients looking to create a culture of inclusion that drives profitability and innovation. 

Nice to meet you!