See the ripple effect in action.

After this intensive, I feel like I OWE you money!
Kimberly S
E-commerce Strategist
Clair is literally my life line for making things simpler and easier.
Susan M
Founder / CEO
I read all emails you sent to the candidates and I'm impressed by your ability to communicate news in an elegant way. Huge appreciation for what you accomplished in such a short time with Extraordinaries. It's been a pleasure working with you, meeting you as a person. You overdelivered.
Miquel G
Chief Executive Officer
True story, I feel less stressed sitting at LAX because of YOU helping me to onboard and train my team! You're worth a million dollars to me!
Heather D
Founder of Publicity for Good (Formerly DeSantis PR)
Clair. You're a genius. That's all. Just what you're putting together... You've got all kinds of slick ish in the works. It's cool.
Natalyn B
Voice Coach
While going through some business pivots, I felt the need to speak with someone who is unbiased and knowledgeable in the realm of coaching and corporate consulting. I knew, without a doubt, that Clair was the person I needed to speak with. In our work together, Clair helped me gain clarity on our objective, mission and client outcomes. She truly understands and is an expert in business markets and buyers landscape. Need a magical voice of expertise? Talk to Clair!
Sonya L
Chief Product Officer at Stay Share
Shoutout to Clair for introducing me to a tool that 7x-ed my quarterly revenue, and for making my life easier.
Frank S
Serial Entrepreneur
You've found at least 80-150k in my business alone in 2019. So a testimonial screenshot is minimum in comparison to your help.
Matt Y
President of Matt Young Media
Clair, again- thank you for your excellent work in helping us mount the social media campaign. We're delighted to advise that our book garnered Amazon.com #1 best seller for the last two days. The campaign objective has been achieved in spades!
Barbara O
Recipient of Canada's Top 100 Most Powerful Women Award
Not only do you have the right mindset, but you also have the heart for it. That's why you're great at what you do.
Chantel M
Human Resources Manager
​Clair, you saved me $2 000, heartache and regret.
Tatiana W
Client Attraction Strategist
Within 2 minutes, Clair was able to identify a HUGE problem I was having in my business that has been plaguing me for YEARS and gave a solution to it that not only will add THOUSANDS to my bottom line..... But she also helped me craft an offer that played on my strengths and will allow me to serve my current and future clients on a whole new level. I'm still shocked and blown away by her expertise.
Ivlyn V
Marketing Director / Sales Funnel Strategist
Clair is absolutely wonderful and qualified herself as someone of a high value. Her introductions hold a lot of weight.
Michael G
Director of BLU TV Network
You obviously know your stuff and how to prioritize action items for organizations of any size.
Loree K
Patent Attorney
The title I give to Clair is BADASS. She is badass personified and went way beyond what I thought I came to her for. I brought to her this heaping pile of business back-end confusion and she laid it out in an actionable plan so that I can move forward after being in a holding pattern. She sees through the muck and found so much lost revenue almost $400k of additional profit that I can leverage in my business now. It was right in front of my face and I couldn't see the forest for the trees. I cannot say enough about this super-human. Thank you Clair for the work you do. I am in awe of you. ​
Carole B
President of Cherry Pie Social
Clair’s client acquisition blueprint helped me to save time, money and energy as I’m now able to more focus on the exact avenues that help me get more clients.
Manjiri N
Ayruvedic Practioner
From one free spirit to another, Clair will keep you in your flow without crying over WordPress.
Daniele D
Millennial Leadership Expert
Clair is seriously a tech wizard. She knows all things funnels, client acquisition and even copy! We set up a simple funnel, did some quick tweaks to the sales copy, and within a week, we had 8 sales consultations booked! Work with Clair if you want to save time, money and see clients come in while you sleep, just do it!
Megan S
Life Stylist
You went above and beyond. I feel you’re amazing for the organizations who need automation and strong systems, and I’ve actually given your name to a few people since we’ve worked together.
Michelle J
Life Coach
Clair is the shit. Period. She mapped out something in 40 minutes that I’ve been stuck on for WEEKS. She is one of the few people that I can honestly refer folks to and know that they would be taken care of.
Lakshmia Ferba
Marketing Agency Owner
Clair has a way of pushing people to stop killing themselves in their workload. Work should be fun, and Clair shows her clients how to do that with ease. The type of scheduling she provides is crystal clear and has made me cut down normal 6 hour workload to 3 hours. She got specific on mapping out minute for minute and cutting out all of the distractions– and how to get things done in a shorter amount of allocated time. This is who you want to work with when you’re tired of running yourself ragged in cultivating your business. Her strategies will revitalize you.
Jasmine T
Real Estate Investor / Author
​45 members on the first launch of the membership site! THANK YOU! Couldn't have done it without ya.
Katie M
Founder of Girl Crush Collective
Clair really was a blessing to my business!
Eddie S
Co-Founder of Black Label Advertising / Business Coach
The moment I hired Clair I knew she had talent and a different take on life. I’d recommend Clair’s services to anyone who has a full-steam ongoing business, with a track-record of paying clients, but it’s all coming from in-person referrals, or who is doing everything manually and needs some help automating their processes, getting organized on the how’s (don’t know the tools, don’t know what goes into preparing a webinar / challenge / bootcamp, etc), and have the funds to invest upfront in all the paid tools and team members required.
Cristina L
Thanks to Clair, I woke up with 2 orders, several leads and a discovery call…. AGAIN. The next month will be the biggest yet, because of you.
Mandy P
Supplement Expert
​I decided to implement your idea of doing a full day intensive program and slightly tweaking my coaching packages and BOOM!! Got myself 2 intensive coaching clients… And it’s been just over a week.
Stefanie D
Founder of Fierce Figures
Clair is by far one of the most knowledgable and insightful strategists I’ve met in a long time! Her deep understanding of client acquisition helped me streamline my scaling efforts and my income has grown consistently since we worked together. She’s amazing at sharing insights and tips to maximize productivity and conversions – even when I was mid-launch she had simple tweaks and tips that took the mystery out of client acquisition. I would absolutely recommend clair for someone looking for a high-touch, high-energy strategist to help create custom processes around scaling.
Audrey S
Transformational Coach
Clair is the one and only person I’d go to for the back-end organization and techie mechanical stuff!
Dayna B
President of BASED Press Publishing
Clair’s the reason I got my first 2 clients and was able to leave my 9 to 5! To be able to be home and make dinner is amazing.
Angela H
Online Business Manager
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